We see you

SmartStart is a social franchise with a bold ambition: to ensure every young child has access to a quality early learning programme in preparation for the opportunities that lie ahead.

The SmartStart programme equips children between the ages of three and five with the foundation for their success at school. At the same time, it helps to create employment in communities by equipping teachers with tools, not only to teach but to run a small business.

Kite helped with a video campaign, website, social media and printed material for teachers, ensuring that even the most remote child is reached.

What we did: Brand narrative, Copywriting, Video, UI/UX design, Website design, Website development, Print design, Image creation
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We see you
SmartStart’s model allows them to reach young children who live in even the most remote parts of South Africa. The premise of ‘We see you’ is not only for young children, but also for parents, teachers and employees.

We created videos and journalistic style photography to show the concept that nurturing children’s innate interests and talent will help them reach their full potential.

We worked closely with an awarded journalist photographer to ensure the imagery felt realistic. This allowed for better engagement with the target audiences, and more believable stories.

Social media
The ‘We see you’ images and videos were published on social media to create brand awareness in the communities.

Website graphics
Icons were created in a doodle style to stir up creativity and emphasise that learning is fun.

Supporting teachers
Teachers were supported with printed material produced in a cost-effective way.