Giving hope to newborn lives

Newborns, a neonatal trust, was established to raise funds for a wing of the Groote Schuur hospital which has provided innovative care to premature babies for decades.

Kite was asked to create a brand for the trust, and then to conceptualise a campaign that would raise funds for 20 incubators. We achieved the challenge and went on to raise another 20 for hospitals nationwide.

What we did: Brand narrative, Brand identity, Brand architecture, Website, Promotions, Print design, Print advertising, Brochureware, Apparel, Image creation

Raising 20 new incubators
Groote Schuur Hospital had a shortage of incubators. If an incubator isn’t available, the only alternative is to keep a premature baby in a cardboard box. To prevent this, we created a campaign appealing for money to buy 20 new incubators. This was supported by press, radio, social media and in-store promotion. Pick n Pay, a supermarket chain, displayed the posters and ran the promotion at their tills. You could either donate by filling in a short form and placing it in the box, or by donating your loose change at the till.