Together but separate

ComboCap developed the world’s first two-in-one medicinal capsule. Wet and dry components can now be housed in the same capsule. State-of-the-art production machinery has been made in order to manufacture this unique invention.

ComboCap approached us to polish up their logo and create a brand for them. Once the brand had been developed, we went on to create its marketing material which included a website, print ads, brochureware and videos. We brought the concept of wet and dry into our campaign.

What we did: Brand narrative, Brand identity, Brand architecture, Website design, Web development, Digital and moving image, Print design, Advertising, Trade stands, Image creation.

Brand imagery
To tell the story of ‘together but separate’ in a visual way we combined two opposing images into one intriguing image.

Kite developed a website for ComboCap to help disrupt the pharma space, showcase their product and explain the two-in-one capsule. The concept of together but separate is brought to life throughout the website through visuals and videos.

Product leaflets were produced for trade shows.

Corporate brochure
The brochure showcases the beautifully vibrant capsules and explains the concept and process of ComboCap in an easy-to-read style.

Business card
An unusual business card demonstrating the brand concept.

Trade show pack
The pack houses a variety of elements including a business card, z-fold, brochure and product leaflets.

A small selection of photography showcasing the ComboCap’s colourful and innovative capsules.