Kagiso Asset Management

Unconventional Thinking

What we did: What we did: Brand strategy, Brand narrative, Brand identity, Brand architecture, Website design, Website development, Print design, Print advertising, Brochureware, Apparel, Image creation.

Kagiso Asset Management asked Kite to re-launch their existing brand before they began a marketing drive to increase their market share.

Working with in-depth strategic research into Kagiso, we introduced a strapline that would pull the campaign together. We revitalised the brand look through the use of new colours, fonts and graphics. These were then applied across all marketing elements including the website, quarterly publication and advertising.

Website Icons
Website icons were illustrated to create an enchanting user journey.

We created a link concept derived from the logo for the brochureware covers. In an elegant yet unconventional way, this extension of the link created a strong brand presence. Inside the brochures, a unique unconventional concept helped to deliver the story of ‘unconventional thinking leading to superior performance’.

Seed Cathedral brochure
We used the concept of the Seed Cathedral alongside the Kagiso corporate message, to help entertain the reader and demonstrate ‘Unconventional Thinking’. The Seed Cathedral message was printed on seed paper, encouraging the reader to grow the seeds after reading.
Brand Guidelines
Brand guidelines were created to keep Kagiso’s unique visual identity and tone of voice consistent. This helps to create trust and helps Kagiso’s audience identify with the brand.
Brand extension
Kite designed and produced exterior signage as well as reception graphics and branding.

A print advert demonstrated ‘unconventional thinking leading to superior performance’.

An Unconventional Newsletter
Kite was briefed Kite was briefed to design a quarterly publication to publish articles written by the asset managers. To name the publication we facilitated a brainstorm and the name UP was born. The concepts of all UPs are unconventional in their treatment and originate from one of the articles. In the world of finance, where newsletters can be dry and boring, we set out to break the mould. Once UP is published, the visual concepts for each quarterly are published on Kagiso’s website and in social media, creating fresh content quarterly.
Paper camera
One of the articles appearing in this UP edition was an investment case for Mondi Papers. Out of this article, we conceived the idea of a paper camera that could be made from a dust cover. The camera was essentially a pinhole camera. It housed film in a light-tight chamber which was wound on by a paper clip. The camera had a shutter made from paper which allows the exposure time to change. All the images inside the publication were created with the camera. The recipient of UP was encouraged to make the camera, take pictures and enter a competition.

Wall art
UP covers are displayed on Kagiso’s passage walls.

Arabic Images
The concept for this edition was inspired by an article on Mediclinic expanding into Dubai. The images were made from Arabic type. For those that can read Arabic there was a story to be discovered in each one.

UP images
A collection of images that have appeared in various editions of UP. All images were conceptualised from the articles.

UP content being used for an emailer.