Mobilitrix: Logo

Challenge Create a simple but memorable logo for a mobile marketing company.

Solution The dot outside of the logo suggests the essence of the business, which is to equip companies to send marketing messages and vouchers to mobile phones.

Mobilitrix: Branding

Challenge Create a brand for a mobile marketing company with a highly technical product offering.

Solution Kite identified that their products were very complicated and risked confusing the consumer.

We created a 'dumb-down' identity to engage the consumer, whilst at the same time making the complicated seem simple. An icon system supports product segmentation through a range of colours. Mo, the brand ambassador, is central to brand communications, alongside airport-style iconography and messaging.

Mobilitrix: Storyboards

Challenge Mobilitrix's product range is vast and can seem confusingly similar when described in words - we needed to describe them visually for the consumer.

Solution Kite created short animated storyboards using brand ambassador Mo and his dog Billy to get the message across.