Italcotto: Rebrand

Challenge One of Kite's first clients, Italcotto, asked Kite to revitalise what had become an indistinguishable presence in the busy marketplace of tiles, taps and bathware. They also needed us to address the false consumer perception that they were an expensive place to shop.

Solution Kite created a new brand style, and a premise of "Captivating Tiles, Captivating Prices". Through a number of campaigns and promotions, Kite cemented Italcotto's current status as one of Cape Town's prime tile and bathware destinations.

Italcotto: Xylophone

Challenge The challenge was to advertise the new Stonetech tile range to architects.

Solution Kite created a hard-to-ignore xylophone using tiles which can be 'played' to show their quality.

Italcotto: Xylophone

Detail A card attached to the xylophone sticks explains the 'tiler's ping', a building trade term that means to tap or 'ping' a tile to check its quality.

By having the tiles laid out as a xylophone the architects were encouraged to 'ping' them, thus hearing and seeing the quality of the tiles.


Brochure Designed to showcase in one simple brochure the range of products and services that Italcotto offer.

Italcotto: Advertising

Shaver Italcotto briefed Kite to create a campaign which would help to undo the consumer perception that they are expensive. Kite’s solution was a premise that establishes Italcotto as retailer that sells quality products at affordable prices.

Italcotto: Building exterior

Challenge Italcotto's prominent position in Cape Town was not being used to good effect.

Solution Kite recommended new colours for the building and designed graphics for all traffic-facing facades of the building.