Bioscope: Branding

Challenge Design an identity for a production company that conveys the era of the bioscope, with it's association to old-style film reels.

Solution The logo is the film reel, with the word made up from the film itself, and the type style suggesting a
bygone era.

Result Producer Johan Jordaan commented that a number of people have given unprompted positive feedback to Bioscope about their CI.

Bioscope: Stationery

Challenge Design stationery for Bioscope that conveys the era of the bioscope in a memorable way.

Solution Kite produced perforated stationery that emulates old-style movie tickets.

The effective yet frugal solution used one of the cheapest papers available, printed only with black ink. Instead of ordinary business cards, the producers and directors would tear a pre-perforated ticket off the roll, leaving the recipient with a memorable
business card.

Bioscope: DVD holder

Challenge With advertising creatives as their target market, Bioscope needed DVD holders that would get noticed.

Solution The imagery and tongue-in-cheek feel of these holders referenced a bygone era, and looked completely different to the usual material landing on creatives' desks.